Angel Clark Show With Peter Grossman & Robert Fitzpatrick– Episode -466– 6/5/13

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U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure

The Reasons Why America’s Energy Policies Are Doomed To Fail

The Reasons Why America’s Energy Policies Are Doomed To Fail

By Economics Professor Peter Z. Grossman

Discussion Topics Include:

-Why Oil Embargoes Hurt Exporters More Than Consumers

-Why Energy Dependence Is An Impossible Goal

-Why The Idea Of An Energy Crisis Is A Meaningless Concept

-Why The Formation of the Department of Energy Was A Failure

U.S. Energy Policy has been a political hot potato since the 1970’s, but it has never been based in reality. The entire idea of an ‘energy crisis’ is a meaningless concept, and America’s goal of ‘energy dependence’ is an impossible goal.

These are just a few of the damning statements in the new book U.S. ENERGY POLICY AND THE PURSUIT OF FAILURE by Economics Professor Peter Grossman. In his analysis of America’s history of energy policy, Grossman points out failure after failure of government to accurately define energy goals and solutions to enact them. From broad categories of government failure to failed assumptions about alternative energy, Grossman shows why the U.S. has been wrong on energy policy for decades, and he then offers eleven ideas for effaceable and sustainable energy policy.

About The Author:

Peter Z. Grossman is the Clarence Efroymson Professor of Economics at Butler University. He is co-author, with Edward S. Cassedy, of Introduction to Energy (Cambridge University Press, 1999) and co-editor, with D. H. Cole, of The End of a Natural Monopoly: Deregulation and Competition in the Electric Power Industry. His scholarly articles have appeared in journals such as Energy Policy, Economic Inquiry, The Journal of Legal Studies and the Journal of Public Policy. For seven years, Professor Grossman was a regular columnist on economic issues for the Indianapolis Star and he has contributed commentary to many magazines and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and The Christian Science Monitor.

Betrayal Whitey Bulger and the FBI Agent Who Fought to Bring Him Down

—The Whitey Bulger trial is slated for June 2013—

Retired FBI agent Robert Fitzpatrick is your expert source for trial coverage

An unprecedented insider’s account of the hunt for notorious gang lord whitey bulger, straight from the fbi agent who worked tirelessly to bring him to justice

BETRAYAL: Whitey Bulger and the FBI Agent Who Fought to Bring Him Down (Forge Books; 0-7653-3550-6) is the true life, first-person account of retired FBI Special Agent Robert Fitzpatrick, who served for twenty-plus years as one of the FBI’s most decorated agents before his battle with corruption in the Boston FBI office led him to resign.

Fitzpatrick teams with veteran author Jon Land to tell the story of his six years as Assistant Special Agent in Charge in Boston, where he received a mandate to “clean up the mess”…a mess that began and ended with James “Whitey” Bulger, the infamous leader of South Boston’s “Winter Hill Gang” who is set to stand trial for nineteen murders after being caught in Santa Monica last June.

Born poor on New York City’s Welfare Island (now Roosevelt Island), Fitzpatrick grew up in a church-run orphanage on Staten Island. He started counseling other orphans at age 12, joined the military at age 18, and

after obtaining his degree from St. Peter’s College, joined the FBI in 1965. He quickly moved up the ranks, receiving multiple commendations and promotions from Jay Edgar Hoover for his service in major investigations like that of the infamous “Mississippi Burning” civil rights murders (he recovered the rifle that led to the arrest of James Earl Ray in the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination), and the FBI’s Miami ABSCAM

operation (one of the most high-profile political corruption stings in US history).

Fitzpatrick’s reward was a promotion and transfer to Boston, where one of his first orders of business was a direct “face-to-face” with “Informant” Bulger. The meeting was set up by (now incarcerated) former FBI Agent John J. Connelly, Jr. and his corrupt supervisor John M. Morris, who repeatedly assured Fitzpatrick, “You’re gonna like this guy.” Upon entering the room, Fitzpatrick quickly realized the ominous truth: Bulger acted like the man in charge, staring him down without greeting, refusing to answer questions while bragging about all the “tough guys” he’d broken. But he had picked the wrong man to intimidate. I’m going to close this son of a bitch, Fitzpatrick thought to himself as he left the meeting.

What followed was the nation’s most determined cop-gangster battle since Melvin Purvis hunted, confronted, and killed John Dillinger. Relentless in his desire to catch, prosecute, and convict Whitey Bulger, Fitzpatrick spent six years in Boston battling not just the country’s largest and most violent organized Irish crime syndicate, but the Italian mafia (his arrest of Boston’s mafia boss led to his conviction) as well as corrupt elements within the FBI — elements invested in keeping Whitey Bulger on the streets.

Times have changed since Fitzpatrick left the Bureau. In an ironic twist, Fitzpatrick is now considered one of the FBI’s senior experts on the Bulger case; he has been testifying in the case for over twenty years, and is highly sought after by government agencies and corporate firms for his expertise on everything from profiling, abnormal criminal psychology, terrorism, hostage negotiation, cartel drug trafficking and organized crime investigations.

BETRAYAL is the explosive first-person account of an unappreciated hero, a man who risked death time and time again to build a case against arguably the nation’s most dangerous domestic criminal. It took 30 years, but in the end Fitzpatrick got his man.

About the Authors

ROBERT FITZPATRICK spent twenty-plus years as an FBI agent and chief. He played a key role in the famed “Mississippi Burning” civil rights investigation and recovered the rifle that was used in the MLK assassination that ultimately led to the arrest of James Earl Ray, and helped lead the ABSCAM investigation in Miami that resulted in the indictments of numerous public officials. After leaving the FBI, Fitzpatrick continued to hunt criminals as a Private Investigator. He has been testifying in the Bulger case for over twenty years. This is his first book. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.


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