Angel Clark Show Million Mask March – Episode -502– 7/30/13

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million mask march

Anthony Weiner Gives A Strange ‘Non-Denial Denial’ When Asked If He’s Still Sexting
The fallout continues.

John Boehner Has Already Killed The ‘Grand Bargain’ More Than 5 Hours Before Obama’s Speech
“Leaving small businesses and families behind.

Obama To Propose ‘Grand Bargain’ On Corporate Taxes And Infrastructure
Reaching over the aisle.

BRADLEY MANNING FOUND NOT GUILTY OF AIDING THE ENEMY00 An Army judge on Tuesday acquitted Pfc. Bradley Manning of aiding the enemy by disclosing a trove of secret U.S. government documents, a striking rebuke to military prosecutors who argued Manning had assisted al-Qaeda by engaging in the larges…

John Anthony Fairhurst – I live in plymouth Massachusettes. I am the creator and organozer for the million mask march as well as heloed organize simultaneous million mask marches around the world essentially creating the largest mass protest in human history. The million mask march is on my Facebook page. There is also a blog my email is theres a twitter account millionmaskmarch @millionmaskmarc Also

Summer Vacation Is Making Inequality In America Worse
A ridiculous tradition.

The Heartbreaking Story Of A Harmless Deadhead Sentenced To Die In Prison–life-in-prison-2013-7
Timothy Tyler has never been convicted of a violent crime, but he was sentenced to life in prison because of the War on Drugs.


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