The Angel Clark Show With Michael Cross -Episode -398– 2/26/13

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Michael Cross On the Angel Clark Show Episode -398

About Michael

Michael Cross is an instructor of Psychology and International Finance at a college preparation school in Stockholm, Sweden.

michael cross

He has been a guest on The Vinny Eastwood Show, Jeff Rense, Truther Girls, Open Your Mind, Mike Chambers, Rick Adams, Christopher Green, the Dianna Spingola Program and Red Ice Radio.

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He also has  a weekly radio program “Unlock the Door” that attempts to apply psychology to issues such as politics, foreign policy and societal trends. The focus is on how Edward Bernays was right when he said that there are unseen forces attempting to mold our thinking, our beliefs.

About Michael Cross’s Book

Melanie is a gifted young woman who yearns to connect with others-yet has experienced a life filled with loneliness and constant bullying by her peers. Her outlook on society is one of being an outsider, a spectator, and perhaps in reaction to emotional pain…her personality could be described as psychopathic. When Melanie enters a new school for her senior year, she is surprised when immediately befriended by two students, Nicole and Daniel, as well as a charismatic teacher, Mark Lindberg. She begins to cherish her relationship with the mysterious Nicole, and also finds herself drawn to her teacher. Yet she begins to suspect something deeper is behind their fascination with, and joking about, serial killing. Is it mere intellectual curiosity, mixed with dark humor, or could they be involved in the recent wave of killings taking place in the Portland area? The reader accompanies Melanie on her journey of discovery as she evolves from outcast to “destroying angel,” and is left with the question-how far will she go to impress, then later protect, the man she allows herself to take a chance on loving?




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