The Angel Clark Show With Megan Duffield Talking Silver Circle Movie Plus NRA, US Women To Serve On Front Line, Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Question -Episode -373– 1/23/13

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Richardson Man Sued in ‘Revenge Porn’ Case A Richardson man is being sued for his role in the website, a “revenge porn” site that allows users to upload photos and videos of their ex-lovers in an attempt to embarrass and, in some cases, extort. The man, Kris Kronowski, is listed in a class-action lawsuit filed last week in Orange County; he is listed along with, the host for the site. The case is filed on behalf of two dozen women whose photos were included on the website, the Beaumont Enterprise reports.

Users can submit photos and videos, and subscribe for content. The women are broken down by region: North Texas, Southeast Texas, West and Central Texas, and South Central Texas. Most photos are accompanied by a first name, a last initial, and the woman’s hometown, making nearly every photo instantly identifiable by community members. It wouldn’t be hard to, say, recognize Serena Q. from Garland, if you knew Serena G. from Garland. (That name is made up.)

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WWII The Complete History Part 03 of 13

NRA chief Wayne LaPierre responds to Obama’s inauguration address
NRA chief Wayne LaPierre wasn’t impressed with President Obama’s inauguration address addressing a crackdown on semi-automatic weapons.

President Obama’s inauguration address triggered an indignant response from the National Rifle Association chief Tuesday.

The President warned against “absolutism” in his speech, but NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre is absolutely sure that semi-automatic guns shouldn’t be banned, he said.

Obama wants to limit certain semi-automatics and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

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“We believe in our right to defend ourselves and our families with semi-automatic firearms,” LaPierre said in a speech at a hunting awards show in Reno.

In his remarks Monday, Obama said: “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle.” LaPierre interpreted the line as a dig at people determined to keep their guns, including firearms passed down as family heirlooms.

“Obama wants to turn the idea of absolutism into a dirty word,” he said. “I’ve got news for the President. Absolutes do exist.”

Robin Hood tax gains traction in Europea> Robin Hood may not have roamed Sherwood Forest for hundreds of years, but fans of his “steal from the rich, give to the poor” ethos appear to have made inroads into European tax policy.

The European Union’s executive body said Tuesday that 10 members of the 27-nation group had agreed to move forward with a Financial Transaction Tax, also known as the Robin Hood tax.

Supporters say the controversial move will raise billions of euros for cash-strapped governments by applying a small tax on transactions in financial markets. But critics say imposing the tax will drive investors away and act as a break on economic growth.

US Women To Serve On Front Line UNITED STATES–The 1994 ban that was put in place to prevent women from serving on the front lines in the Nation’s wars will be overturned.

Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta will soon announce the policy change. The change is one of his last acts as Secretary of Defense. The new policy is expected to open up thousands of positions.

Women make up about 14 percent of the United States active military personnel.

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Megan Duffield is the marketing manager of Silver Circle, running and managing all things virtual and promotional in this indie film studio’s world. A liberty activist since 2007, Megan has been a part of the End the Fed movement as well as mainstream liberty organizations like The Free State Project, Campaign for Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty, and Students for Liberty. Her favorite topics are precious metals, civil liberties, and economics! You can find out all about the latest in Silver Circle news from her monthly update. READ MORE

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Silver Circle Movie from Lineplot Productions
Coming to theaters and DVD this Fall… Silver Circle is a film that lives in our world after massive economic collapse: tyranny, explosions, monetary mayhem

Silver Circle Gallery, Art Gallery, Workshops, Classes, Jewelry
Welcome to the Silver Circle.

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Silver Circle Movie – When they control the money, they control everything. – Directed By: Pasha Roberts


Hillary Clinton Erupts At Tea Party Senator Over Benghazi Question — Senator Accuses Her Of ‘Theatrics’
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got into a heated exchange with Republican Sen. Ron Johnson during her testimony on the September terrorist attack in Benghazi when he asked her about the Obama administration’s initial response to the attack.

Johnson asked why the people who were evacuated safely weren’t interviewed immediately. He said that he believed U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice “intentionally misled” people in the initial aftermath of the attack by blaming it on a spontaneous protest, a charge that Clinton brushed off and said “nothing could be further from the truth.”

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