Angel Clark Show LIVE From PorcFest X Day 4 – Episode -476– 6/21/13

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We are at a point in American history in which we can take two different directions. One direction is a continuation of the status quo, doing the same insane actions over and over again expecting a different result.
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We’re delighted Fr33 Aid was recently included among the charities receiving support from Bitcoin100.

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Peaceful advocates of the academic study of conspiracy, the establishment of a voluntary society, and a revolution of consciousness. Check out our podcast, videos, interviews, and more at

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Darian Worden writes, explores, and advocates for liberty. He got his Master’s degree in history from The City College of New York, his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, and his adventure degree from the hills and meadows of northern New Jersey. He is the creator and lead writer of Head First, an online history adventure series.

Darian has contributed to ALLiance Journal, hosted the internet radio show Thinking Liberty, and written fiction. He has more than 30 newspaper credits through his work with the Center for a Stateless Society.

Darian’s politics are left-libertarian, emphasizing individual liberty and social solidarity, and working toward greater equality of power in political, economic, and social relations. Darian has given a number of public talks on libertarian ideas.

Darian lives in New Jersey with his fiance. In addition to his all-weather adventures in the Northeastern US, he has enjoyed the Rockies, redwoods, deserts, canyons, and glaciers.

Darian’s work can be viewed at

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