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Kim Jong Il The Unauthorized Autobiography

KIM JONG IL: The Unauthorized Autobiography Hello! My name is Michael Malice, and I am a celebrity ghostwriter. Now, I am ghostwriting the autobiography of the Dear Leader.

This will be the best book ever written. Welcome to the bizarre world of the north Korea (since Korea is one nation divided by American Imperialism, we keep the “n” lowercase). It’s a nation where politics is religion, and religion is the worship of an odd little man by the name of Kim Jong Il. It is a notoriously reclusive and closed nation, one whose inner workings can only be guessed at by outsiders—until now. Taken directly from primary sources spirited out of the “Hermit Kingdom”, this book will expose the life and lessons of Kim Jong-Il from his own unique perspective. If truth is stranger than fiction, then what is presented as truth in North Korea is stranger still. From his miraculous birth to breeding giant rabbits, this is the philosophy of the world’s zaniest dictator—as he himself would have it be told.

Who is Kim Jong Il?

Kim Jong Il was the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea from 1994-2011. During his reign as absolute dictator of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, he became notorious the world over for his idiosyncratic sensibilities, absurd propaganda, and brutal repression.

The son of DPRK founder the “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il’s succession to power was the world’s first and only example of a communist dynasty. The “Dear Leader” took his father’s extant personality cult into insane new directions. From shooting a hole-in-one in every round of golf, to being the world authority on the Internet and creator of the hamburger, Kim Jong Il’s alleged accomplishments strain even the remotest claims to credibility.

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