The Angel Clark Show with Lenny McAllister Pt. 2 -Episode -397– 2/25/13

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Lenny McAllister

Status: Married to Lannie McAllister, with whom he has two children with – Neilan, age 3, and an unborn child (Lannie is pregnant!). He remains close with his two children from a previous marriage who reside in Pittsburgh.

Career Summary: The “Working Man’s Conservative” is an author and political commentator, frequently contributing an insightful look into modern conservative thought through his work, which has aired on the American Urban Radio Network, WVON AM in Chicago, Sirius-XM Radio, NPR, and several other outlets. Lenny’s television work has included domestic and international appearances on CNN, PBS World, BET, Fox News, the Sun News Network, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Featured as one of the “40 Under 40 to Watch in 2012” by the historic newspaper The Chicago Defender, McAllister has been featured in several publications in addition to the Defender, such as Essence, The Chicago Crusader, The Root and Charlotte Magazine.

Advocacy: Lenny has stood against the continued overlooking of the poor in America, unjust voter ID laws, and racism within politics. He is a noted speaker delivering messages against domestic violence, urban blight, and issues affecting America’s youth:

•Has led initiatives to train the unemployed, create safer neighborhoods, mentor young fathers to become better parents and men, and encourage urban economic development.

•A “compassionate conservative” with a history of engaging numerous organizations and associations to make a difference over the past twenty years, including doing youth jail ministry, advocacy against domestic violence, and mentoring teenage fathers.

•An outspoken activist that has taken uncommon stances in his personal, professional, and political careers for the sake of justice.

•A dedicated son that served as power-of-attorney for both parents through life-threatening situations (armed robbery and end-stage renal failure, respectively) during his decade-long academic hiatus.

•A violent-crime survivor that eventually married the love of his life, a survivor of domestic violence via a previous relationship.

Hometown: Born and raised in Pittsburgh.

Previous political experience: Former GOP state Executive Committee member, former RNC consultant for 2009-2010 mid-term election cycle, former advisory board member for several non-profit organizations including the NAACP, Men 4 Change (to stop domestic violence), the United Way, and the Urban League.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in history from Davidson College. Lenny was a former college drop-out that became a father at age 21, only to trek from deli clerk to Davidson College graduate while raising his children. Lenny was also a Visiting Fellow for the Center for New Politics and Policy University of Denver.

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