Angel Clark Show With KYAnonymous Hacker Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Case– Episode -471– 6/12/13

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Only One Big Telecom CEO Refused To Give The NSA The Access It Wanted… And He’s Been In Jail…

Anonymous demands a full pardon for NSA whistleblower Snowden #OPSnowdenJustice

News sites have been buzzing over Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former federal government contract worker who revealed the vast secret surveillance program o

Hacker who helped to expose Steubenville attack could face more prison time than rapists
The convicted rapists are serving at least one year in juvenile jail, while one of the hackers who helped to bring their crimes to light has been subjected to an FBI raid and may face hacking charg…
Shadow | KYAnonymous (shadowrapz) on Twitter
The latest from Shadow | KYAnonymous (@shadowrapz). Hip Hop Artist, Social activist. Lawyer – Jason Flores-Williams 505-467-8288 Donations Winchester Kentucky

Deric Lostutter / KY Anonymous Defense Fund–ky-anonymous-defense-fund
Deric had the courage to stand up against rape—should we not now have the courage to stand with him? Deric is charged with hacking for the benefit of Anonymous. He is alleged to have done so to shed light on the rape culture present in Steubenville, Ohio. If it is true that he committed these acts,…
Deric ItsShadow Lostutter
Shadow is an up and coming hiphop artist signed to Nightshade Records based in Winchester Kentucky. He has lived a very diverse life from Illinois to North Carolina but now resides in Kentucky. Heavily influenced by the lifestyle of country living mixed with inner city influences he brings a new fla…

Steubenville’s tangled web of injustice
Nancy Goldstein: An Anonymous hacker who helped uncover evidence against the high school football team rapists now faces felony charges. Huh?

John McCain Calls For Invasion of Hong Kong
U.S. Senator John McCain called for the invasion of Hong Kong today in response to recent leaks about secret surveillance programs. In an interview with BBC World News, the hawkish Republican said that by hosting the leaker, Edward Snowden, Hong Kong has proven itself to be an enemy of the …

Bitcoin Millionaires Become Investing Angels | MIT Technology Review
Early investors in Bitcoin got rich. Now they are the cryptocurrency’s most powerful gatekeepers.

Voters Still Have More Faith in Local Government Than in Feds, States – Rasmussen Reports™
Rasmussen Reports – The best place to look for polls that are spot on

Operation Troll The NSA
If millions of us, all the same time, call or email someone with our keywords-of-terror-filled script, we can give our nation’s impressive surveillance apparatus the kind of test it deserves.

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