The Angel Clark Show The Most Terrifying Sinkhole Pictures, Kim Jong Un & Dennis Rodman And More -Episode -402– 3/4/13

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North Korea has new communist heir as Kim Jong-Un’s wife ‘gives birth in secret’
North Korea has a new communist heir after the wife of dynastic dictator Kim Jong Un secretly gave birth late last year, it was claimed today.

The newborn, whose gender is not known, could become the fourth-generation to lead the communist dictatorship, but Pyongyang watchers believe the baby is most likely a girl.

‘If it was a boy, [the North Koreans] would have made an announcement,’ Michael Madden, editor of the online newsletter North Korea Leadership Watch, told the Washington Free Beacon.

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Rodman: Kim wants call from Obama North Korea’s young leader has riled the U.S. with recent nuclear tests, but Kim Jong Un doesn’t really want war with the superpower, just a call from President Barack Obama to chat about their shared love of basketball, according to ersatz diplomat Dennis Rodman, the ex-NBA star just back from an improbable visit to the reclusive communist country.

”He loves basketball. … I said Obama loves basketball. Let’s start there” as a way to warm up relations between U.S. and North Korea, Rodman told ABC’s ”This Week.”

”He asked me to give Obama something to say and do one thing. He wants Obama to do one thing, call him,” said Rodman, who called the authoritarian leader an ”awesome guy” during his trip. The State Department criticized North Korea last week for ”wining and dining’ Rodman while its own people go hungry.

Rodman also said Kim told him, ”I don’t want to do war. I don’t want to do war.”

The Turtles before

turtels before

The Turtles after

turtels after

Punctual plague of locusts swarms Egypt just in time for Passover Egypt has festively gotten in the Passover spirit by enduring a swarm of millions upon millions of locusts. The locust plague struck in the Giza region, devastating agricultural areas 15 miles outside of Cairo. The Egyptian armed forces are trying to control and contain the swarm, but civilians are instructed to not burn tires (apparently a DIY remedy for a storm of crickets) or try to deal with the infestation themselves. If you’re looking for a silver lining to this cloud of locusts, here’s a small one: The bugs are considered a viable food by some. And if we’d just watched them eat our farm, we’d chomp them by the handful, too. [Source]

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The Most Terrifying Sinkhole Pictures You’ve Ever Seen A Florida man is presumed dead after his bedroom was swallowed by a sinkhole last night.

This terrifying scenario is more common than you think.

Sinkholes occur when bedrock made of limestone or other carbonate rock is eaten away by acidic groundwater or a surge of pressure caused by heavy rains or burst pipes. They occur, sometimes suddenly, all over the U.S. as well as elsewhere in the world where the bedrock is susceptible — notably in China, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea.

Fla. high school student reportedly suspended after disarming gunman
A 16-year-old Florida high school student says he was suspended for three days for wrestling a loaded gun away from a teen threatening to shoot. reports that the student, who attends Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, tackled the 15-year-old suspect on a school bus after he allegedly pointed the weapon at another student.

“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” said the student, who declined to be identified.

According to the referral the student received the following day, he was suspended for his role in an “incident” where a weapon was present and given an “emergency suspension,” the station reported.


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