The Angel Clark Show With Ken Schortgen -Episode -435– 4/19/13

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Marathon bombing terrorists could cost the city of Boston nearly $1 billion On April 19, local police and federal authorities issued a soft form of martial law on the town of Waterton, and the city of Boston, in the pursuit of a single bombing suspect believed to have taken part in the Boston Marathon massacre. The result of these actions was the successful capture of the second suspect, but at a total cost to the city of Boston that could reach nearly $1 billion.

Banks close in Florida and Kentucky, bringing total bank failures in 2013 to 8 First Federal Bank, located in Lexington, Kentucky, Heritage Bank of North Florida, located in Orange Park, Florida, and Chipola Community Bank, located in Marianna, Florida, were closed down by the FDIC on April 19. These bank failures are the fourth for the month of April, and bring the total number of failed banks in 2013 to 8.

Gold forced down as a message to states after President’s meeting with bankers On April 17, former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Roy Potter issued a statement that the recent drop in gold prices was due to a forced manipulation by the central bank as a message to the states that were either demanding their physical gold back from the Fed, or who were passing legislation allowing for the free use of gold and silver. Not coincidentally, the dumping of 500 tons of paper gold onto the markets came one day after President Barack Obama’s meeting with many high officials in the banking industry, to include Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon.


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