The Angel Clark Show With Jim DeFelice Talking About The Red Dragon Rising: Blood of War -Episode -393– 2/19/13

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Police dog “sniff” passes Supreme Court smell test The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that “the sniff is up to snuff” in a Florida case on how police may use dogs to track down illegal drugs.

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court gave law enforcement authorities greater authority to use dogs to uncover illegal drugs, upholding a police dog’s search of a truck that uncovered methamphetamine ingredients inside.

‘False positives’ suggest police exploit canines to justify searches

A study of “false positives” involving drug-sniffing police dogs suggests some police forces may be using canines to do an end-run around constitutional protections against search and seizure, and may be profiling racial minorities in the process.

A survey of primarily suburban police departments in Illinois, carried out by the Chicago Tribune, found that 56 percent of all police searches triggered by a drug-sniffing dog turned nothing up.

But, perhaps tellingly, that number jumped to 73 percent when the search involved a Latino subject — meaning that nearly three-quarters of all dog alerts on Latinos turned up no contraband. The study covered a two-year period from 2007 to 2009.

blood of war

red dragon rising

MTV And BET Faked Their Own Hackings For A Marketing Stunt
More Twitter accounts seem like they’re being hacked. Now, MTV and BET have fallen victim, apparently.

Or it could just be a pretty smart marketing stunt.

Both MTV and BET are owned by Viacom and neither of them are tweeting anything too nutty. Oh, and the MTV account is using a conveniently tame and branded hashtag #MTVhack.

We’ll try to get to the bottom of it.

Gunmen Waylay Jet, Swipe Diamond Trove
As 29 passengers sat aboard a Zurich-bound flight here Monday evening waiting for the last bags to be loaded, gunmen wearing police uniforms raced up to the plane and stole more than 120 packages of diamonds worth at least $50 million, and possibly much more.

Some of the eight masked robbers stood in front of the Helvetic Airways jet plane with machine guns, pointing laser sights at the pilots, while others forced ground workers to open the plane’s cargo doors, according to Belgian prosecutors and other people familiar with the events.

Seven Crazy Details From The Belgian Diamond Heist That Will Definitely Get Turned Into A Movie

Earlier it was reported that armed men stole as much as $67 million worth of diamonds from the Brussels airport.

Other reports — including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Belgium broadcaster VRT — said the loot may have been worth closer to $350 million.

Here are more details of the heist, which officials are saying will go down as “one of the biggest” in history:

More than twenty years ago, Larry Bond helped Tom Clancy write Red Storm Rising, the iconic techno thriller of the Cold War era. Now he returns (with Jim DeFelice) to start a classic series for our era, Larry Bond’s Red Dragon Rising, which imagines the globe torn apart by climate change and its economic and geopolitical fallout. In book one of this four-book series, rapid climate change leads to mass riots in China, and a new communist premier seeks to relieve pressure by marching on traditional Chinese enemies in Southeast Asia. Desperately coping with its own problems, the United States wants to avoid nuclear war at all costs–but ultimately must fight to preserve world peace.


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