Angel Clark Show With Dr. Robert B. Wickman Talking Alternative Medicine Plus FOX NEWS Claims Glenn Beck Was ‘Trying To Save His Ass’ – Episode -442– 4/30/13

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Dr Robert B Wickman

Dr. Robert B. Wickman

I believe the most significant reason for publishing this site is to inform the public there are cures for all diseases. All living organisms, whether diseased or healthy, function on frequencies specific to them alone. Because all diseases are living entities operating on specific frequencies, by bombarding these diseased organisms with their resonant frequencies and destroying them, we attack the the root cause of the disease not just the symptom.

Traditional medicine addresses only the symptoms not the causes. For example if you have a pain, you are prescribed a pain pill which masks the pain but does nothing to address the cause of the pain. It doesn’t seem to be important what caused the pain and after the medication wears off the pain returns. The problem has not been solved, just masked. We like to find the cause of the pain and eliminate that thus the symptoms disappear as well. If you wish to discover the truth about your own health, click on the link to the left under IMPORTANT LINKS called “DNA Testing” and follow the directions.

Throughout your tour of this site, you will encounter many interesting pieces of information you can use to improve your health and thus your life. You can view my latest article by clicking on the link to the left called Sodium Bicarbonate. Also, the husband of a patient of mine has done some reading on Royal Rife’s research and inventions and has written a brief but comprehensive article about his conclusions. I have read and agree with his commentary. Click here to review his efforts.

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Glenn Beck

FOX NEWS: Glenn Beck Was ‘Trying To Save His Ass’ When He Left The Network

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Fox News rebuked Glenn Beck on Monday after the former network star disparaged cable news and said that he left Fox in order to keep his “soul intact.”

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