Angel Clark Show With Douglas Brode Talking Patsy – The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald -465– 6/3/13

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Patsy – The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald

A Look At Evidence That Shows Oswald Is Innocent And Was Set Up To Take The Fall On The Grassy Knoll

By award winning journalist, screenwriter, author and playwright – Douglas Brode

“I’m a patsy…A patsy!” – Lee Harvey Oswald, November 24th, 1963

Douglas Brode

Discussion Topics Include:

· Three theories about the assassination of JFK – one of which is that Oswald was not involved at all

· Evidence and world events that may show Oswald was set up

· The cold hard facts that implicate Oswald

· That one of Oswald’s final statements to the public was that he was a “Patsy”

· Tracing Lee Harvey Oswald’s entire life to reconstruct what may or may not have been in his head 50 years ago

Since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy almost 50 years ago, three theories have been forwarded regarding the involvement of Lee Harvey Oswald. 1) that he was a lone assassin, claimed by the Warren Commission; 2) that he was part of a vast and complex conspiracy to kill the President; and 3) that Oswald was not involved in any way, and was set up as the scapegoat by unseen forces.

In the new book, PATSY!, popular author Douglas Brode presents a detailed argument for Oswald’s innocence taking into account his final statement to the public – “I’m a patsy!” – and then tracing this unique man’s entire life. Brode’s argument also discusses greater world events that, when viewed from a wider perspective, may shed light on who actually wanted Kennedy dead, and why.

About The Author:

Douglas Brode is a novelist, graphic novelist, produced playwright, Hollywood screenwriter, film and TV historian, and multi-award-winning journalist. His more than thirty-five published books include the novel Sweet Prince, a retelling of the Hamlet legend, and Shakespeare in the Movies for Oxford University Press. He and Carol Kramer Serling collaborated on Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone, the only official analysis of that late author’s work and vision. Among Brode’s best known books are studies of the careers of directors Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen, such genres as the gangster film and the Western, and the relationship of popular culture to contemporary politics. Brode’s op-ed pieces are regularly syndicated to newspapers across the country. During the course of his lifetime, Brode has been employed as a TV talk show host, radio commentator, drama and film critic, regional theatre actor, and magazine editor. As an educator, Brode teaches at the Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, during the fall semester, and for the department of Philosophy and Classics, University of Texas at San Antonio, each spring.

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