Angel Clark Show With Diane Egbers “Identify and Conquer the Seven Enemies of Success”– Episode -470– 6/11/13

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Diane Egbers

Identify and Conquer the Seven Enemies of Success

Tips For Overcoming The Obstacles That Can Derail Any Career, With Examples from Sports, Pop Culture, and Business

With Executive Coaches and Leadership Experts – Diane Egbers and Karen Schenck

Diane Egbers and Karen Schenck identify these obstacles and provide strategies for beating them in their new book, THE ASCENDING LEADER, being published this May by Smart Business Press. Egbers and Schenk provide practical tools and strategies to teach leaders the critical knowledge they need to build key relationships, take critical action, and overcome the most career limiting obstacles. They also back up their findings with real client success stories, which demonstrate the effectiveness of their practical approach and tips. Egbers and Schenck also have intriguing examples from pop culture and sports that highlight where leaders have stumbled, from the Rutgers Basketball Coach who bullied his team members, to the IRS Chief who targeted Tea Party members, and more.

About The Authors:

Diane Egbers is President of Leadership Excelleration, Inc. (LEI Consulting) and provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Organizational Effectiveness services. Her passion is to work collaboratively with clients as a dynamic coach, facilitator and management consultant. Diane has held executive leadership position, including VP of Human Resources. She earned a Master’s Degree in Executive HR Development from Xavier University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics from the University of Cincinnati, as well as certifications in Executive Coaching (Linkage), Emotional Intelligence (Hay Group), and High Performance Culture Development (Denison). She is a dynamic national speaker and has published articles on Leadership Executive Coaching, and Organizational Effectiveness

Karen Schenck is a partner at LEI Consulting, and is an accomplished consultant, facilitator and coach. For more than a decade, Karen has been on faculty for GE’s worldwide leadership development programs. She inspires leaders by combining strategic insight with practical application, in order to maximize effectiveness and achieve results. Karen holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s degree from Xavier University. Certifications include Myers Briggs, DISC, Emotional Intelligence (Hay Group), Executive Coaching (Linkage), and High Performance Culture Development (Denison).

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