The Angel Clark Show with Cynthia Helms Talking The Secret World of Being Married To American Spymaster Richard Helms -Episode -404– 3/6/13

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Cynthia Helms

An Intriguing Life

The Secret World of Being Married To American Spymaster Richard Helms

By Cynthia Helms

“This is the untold version of the ‘Greatest Generation’…the women’s side” – Washington Post Columnist David Ignatius

From wartime England to Nixon’s America and beyond, Cynthia Helms was witness to some of the seminal events of our time, including Vietnam, Watergate, and the Civil Rights movement. What makes her story unique is that she was watching the world through the curtain of American Intelligence – as the wife of Richard Helms, the Director of Intelligence for the U.S.A.

In her new memoir, AN INTRIGUING LIFE, Cynthia Helms shares for the first time her life and world where appearances were always questioned, rumors held more weight than the truth, and gossip could destroy people’s lives. As the wife of an American spymaster, Helms enjoyed the confidence of some of the world’s most important leaders and players in the 20th century. Her time as the ambassador’s wife in Tehran on the eve of the Iranian Revolution is especially telling, and she witnesses the charming but deeply flawed Shah lose his way with his people. Her observations “inside the beltway” of Washington and ambitious political operatives are no less captivating, and they offer a window to recent history most of us have never seen.

About The Author:

Cynthia Ratcliff Helms is the widow of Richard M. Helms, the director of intelligence for the United States. They were married for 34 years. Throughout her life, she has been involved in many civic and charitable causes. She was a founder of Concern Inc., a ground breaking environmental organization aimed at women, and served on the board of the World Resources Institute for fifteen years. She serves as an Honorary Trustee of the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Museum and the Fund for the U.S. Botanical Gardens. She lives in Washington, D.C.


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