The Angel Clark Show With Chuck Malkus Talking The Ultimate Ponzi – The Scott Rothstein Story‏ -Episode -423– 4/3/13

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Angel Clark Interviews Chuck Malkus about his new book

The Ultimate Ponzi – The Scott Rothstein Story‏

About The Book

Ultimate Ponzi The The Scott Rothstein Story

How An Employment Attorney Stole $1.4 Billion To Finance A Lifestyle of Flashy Cars, Countless Women, and Over-The-Top Luxury

The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story By Chuck Malkus

In a bizarre research assignment, Founding partner Scott Rothstein sent out an emergency request for “a very powerful client” to lawyers at the firm Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, asking which countries did not have an extradition agreement with the United States or Israel. His fellow attorneys responded, saying Morocco was the only nation fitting that criteria. Less than two weeks later, that ‘client’ boarded a chartered plane to Morocco with several million dollars in his duffel bag. The ‘Client’ was Scott Rothstein himself, as his $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme started to collapse around him and his glorious fall began its descent.

That was the beginning of the end for Scott Rothstein, which is chronicled in the new book THE ULTIMATE PONZI, by Chuck Malkus. In this story of greed, corruption, murder and prostitutes, author Malkus gives us the full story that has not been told until now. A charismatic and charming personality, Rothestein was a lawyer who offered clients an opportunity to ‘purchase’ a settlement from a client who needed money up front, and couldn’t wait for the court proceedings. Amassing hundreds of millions of dollars, Rothstein corrupted businessmen, bought influence with local police, and spent thousands on prostitutes and strippers. In his book, Malkus uncovers the truths behind the scam that deceived hundreds, and shows how Rothstein started his enterprise, got away with it, and how he was eventually caught.

About The Author:

Chuck Malkus is a public relations executive, crisis communications expert, and president of Malkus Communications Group. Malkus has helped raise millions of dollars for natural disaster relief. Chuck Malkus is a business strategist who has received national acclaim as an expert on public relations, marketing and reputation management. Malkus’ book, The Ultimate Ponzi: Scott Rothstein Story, analyzes what goes wrong when employees and their organizations ignore red flags. A keynote speaker, Malkus translates his rich industry perspective into inspirational keynotes that provide value to employees at every level, from young professionals to CEOs. Known as a charismatic storyteller, Chuck shares personal experiences which include the importance of strong business ethics and how individuals and businesses can grow and enhance their brands.

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