10 Year Old Strip Searched by School Official Over Lunch Ruckus

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12-12-2012 Freedoms Phoenix!

As the police state branches out, school officials are now taking the same authority as code enforcers when it comes to illegally strip searching students. In this case, a ten year old boy was the victim. After a classmate dropped her lunch money, J.C. Cox helped her retrieve it, but was accused of stealing. Without his parents present, he was called into the office of the assistant principal Teresa Holmes who proceeded to demand he take off his clothes down to his underwear even after he had turned out his pockets to prove he had not taken the money.

With more and more breaches of personal privacy occurring in our airports and on our streets, the occurrences are also increasing in schools as children are becoming more and more desensitized to strip searches and drug raids. Is this really the best way to keep our children safe?

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